Four stories by colleagues and allies, and a couple of Unit-supported pieces

7 November 2022

Unit works with 10 countries in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia, supporting publications on queer topics, connecting journalists and activists, and following the great work they do. Once monthly, we put together a selection of queer stories, opportunities, analysis and art to help you stay up-to-date with the ever-developing queer spaces without relying on social media algorithms. Check out this issue from November 2022 and subscribe below to get the next one right into your inbox.

In this one, we shift the focus from articles produced with our support to news and stories created by colleagues and allies. But before that, we do have a couple of publications worth mentioning. The first ever Unit-supported publication from Tajikistan tells the story of Nurbanu, her life and her gender transition. We are proud to contribute to the creation of such an important story.

Also, English translations of recent articles are now available on our website:

 Many thanks to the authors and the media for their amazing work 💜

Armenia’s LGBTIQ activists fight on under shadow of war

This report covers the Rainbow Forum, which gathered Armenian activists to discuss ways to strengthen the country’s LGBTIQ movements, six weeks after Azerbaijan’s 12 September attack on Armenia. 

How lives of queer activists in Kazakhstan changed in 2022

Activist Daniyar Sabitov looks back at the events of the past year — including the January protests, the start of Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine, and the queer-phobic fatwa (which remained largely unnoticed) — and their consequences for LGBTIQ+ activists. 

Russian lawmakers to outlaw any display or mention of LGBT relationships and lifestyles on public platforms

The expanded ‘gay propaganda’ law would not just give the Kremlin another tool to repress queer people — any ‘denial of family values’, e.g. talking about childless families, would be banned as well. This explainer maps out the broad consequences of the bill about to be made law. On a side note, it is a second article by reporter Lucy Martirosyan (a former n-ost intern!) featured in this newsletter.

Trans*Coalition news digest

A short roundup of news relevant to trans and non-binary people, from countries of Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

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